Course interest survey

So at this point we had a shared Google Doc with a bunch of course descriptions and links to each course. I created a poll to gather the group’s interest in each course.

I used Survey Monkey, which worked fine, but I had to do some workarounds to keep it free, like breaking my course list into two surveys. Google Forms is another option.

Here’s my intro note in the survey:

Lexington Online Course Collective

Your course preferences
Please rate your interest in each of the online courses that we’re currently considering.

Rate each course as follows:

Must: I pretty much have to take this course
Fascinated: I’d very much like to take this, and hope others will too.
Open to it: My value of the group experience is about equal to my interest in the subject
If you’re not interested in a course, you can leave the item without an answer.

And here’s an example item in the survey:

  1. Buddhism and Modern Psychology
    When: any time
    Price: Free
    Level: Beginner – beginner’s mind required!
    Notes: Taught by brilliant author Robert Wright. I started to take this.
    Suggested by: Steve Yost

    O Must
    O Fascinated
    O Open to it

A few days later, with the results all in, I tallied them up. There were a few strong winners, so this was a big help in focusing the discussion for the in-person meeting where we decided the course.

Meeting to choose the course

So I found another meeting place, did another doodle poll for people’s time availability (and answered a bunch of emails), and booked the meeting place. Here’s part of the email I sent then:

Based on the survey results, which I’ll bring, I think it will work well to choose two classes: one in the AI/stats/tech area, and one of general interest. There are excellent possibilities for both. Given that, it’s most important that you attend if you can so we can see how much of a quorum we have in each area, as I’m not able to correlate all the survey results to individuals.

I’m looking forward to seeing many of you this evening! Again, if you have not yet, RSVP to me.