Gathering courses

Gathering courses from Coursera, edX, Kanopy, and other places took some serious thought and time. I’m hoping I can save you some of that work. On this site I’ve collected the list of courses that we’ve taken over the last few years, along with comments and even some extra helpful information and links.

For the first meeting of our new collective, I wanted to make the course selection as smooth as possible. I did the following things:

  • Selected a short list of courses that I was interested in — courses I thought might have some appeal to a broad group. The selection had a good range of topics, difficulty, and time commitment.
  • Wrote and printed a single sheet description of each course
  • On meeting day, I taped all these to the meeting room wall, so that people could walk around the room and check them out. The physical presence of the papers on the wall worked really well to give strangers a chance to interact with each other.