Gathering that first group

With twenty interested people responding to that first message, the next step was to reach out to them. I used email again. This time I used the “bcc trick” so that a bunch of potential strangers don’t suddenly see each others’ email addresses: I sent the email to myself, and put all their email addresses in the “bcc” field of the email list. This way, (1) nobody sees anyone else’s email address and (2) when someone hits reply-all it would only come back to me.

Here’s the message I sent. Asking people to introduce themselves is optional.

Hello all!

I’m so happy that we’re all interested in trying this out together. We’ve got 20 of us here! I suggest that our next step is to introduce ourselves to each other briefly online, along with our interests in courses.
[link to Google Forms doc for introducing to each other]

If you have particular courses in mind, please include links to them.  I’ll also do some research into the general areas of interest and prepare some ideas. Allowing a little time for that, we can schedule an evening meeting to meet and sort ourselves into groups of common interests and get moving on signing up for courses together. This is all new and it may take more than one meeting, but I’m sure it will be fun to meet each other.

Best regards,

You can create a short questionnaire like the one below using Google Forms.

Hit the Contact Us link if you’d like some help with this, or if you have suggestions.