That first course

The first meeting was a success! We had chosen our first online course to take together. It turned out to be a heavy-duty, many-weeks-long Machine Learning course. This was an ambitious group! Weeks later, there was gradual attrition and we ended up with just three of us left in the group. The whole experience was lots of fun and we definitely kept each other going through hard material. I was grateful to have met all these amazing new collaborators. Reflecting, there was a good learning experience too.

Lesson learned: Choose a discussion-worthy course for your first. As this group evolved, we discovered that having good substantial discussions was what we really wanted, especially as we got to know each other. I have a list of discussion-friendly courses here.

We’d started early in the year, and so after we finished, we took the summer off, and I kicked off the process again in the fall. Read on for Round two!