All courses we’ve taken

Here’s a list of all the online courses we’ve taken since early 2019, with short descriptions. I hope it’s useful for you in choosing courses for your collective! Click each heading for comments and extra resources.

  • Deep Learning Ng, othersPriceFreeDuration5 Courses: 6 months at 5 hours/weekLevelIntermediateContentVideos, exercises, quizzes

  • Mindware NisbettRating4.8/5PriceFreeDuration8 Lessons, 12 hours totalLevelBeginnerContentVideos, readings, quizzes

  • Big History Christian; D.Phil. Oxford, 1974; Contributor to Edge.orgRating4.8/5PriceFreeDuration17 hoursLevelBeginnerContentVideos, readings, quizzes

  • Effective Altruism SingerRating4.7/5PriceFreeDuration12 hoursLevelBeginnerContentvideos, readings

  • Model Thinking E. PageRating4.8/5PriceFreeDuration27 hoursLevelBeginnerContentvideos, readings, quizzes

  • Buddhism & Modern Psychology WrightPriceFreeDurationseveral hoursLevelBeginnerContentaudio or videos

  • How to Read & Understand Shakespeare C. Conner, Ph.D.Rating4+/5PriceFree via Kanopy and your library, or $50 directly via The Great CoursesDuration12 hoursLevelBeginnerContentvideo

  • Radio Astronomy J. LockmanRating4+/5PriceFree via Kanopy at your library, or $235 at The Great CoursesDuration12+ hoursLevelBeginnerContentvideos

  • Macroeconomics KhanPriceFreeDuration???LevelIntermediateContentvideos, transcripts, quizzes

  • Human Behavioral Biology SapolskyRating5/5PriceFreeDurationAbout 30 hoursLevelBeginnerContentvideos

  • Justice SandelRating5/5PriceFreeDuration12 weeks, 3–6 hours per weekLevelBeginnerContentvideos

  • Mountains 101 Robinson, David HikRating4.9/5PriceFreeDuration18 hoursLevelBeginnerContentvideos

  • Biology: The Secret of Life LanderRating5/5PriceFreeDuration16 weeks, 5-10 hours/weekLevelIntermediateContentvideos

  • Sci-Phi: Science Fiction as Philosophy Kyle JohnsonRating4/5PriceFree via Kanopy through your library, Duration14 hoursLevelBeginnerContentvideos

  • The Perfect Human Being

    The Perfect Human Being – Dutch Science TV series on YouTubeProfessorMany interviewees; interviewer Dutch journalist and philosopher Bas HeijnePriceFreeDuration10 short videos, about 2 hours totalLevelBeginnerContentvideo

  • Using Big Data to Solve Economic & Social Problems Raj Chetty, Harvard University.PriceFreeDurationAbout 23 hoursLevelBeginnerContentvideo, lecture notes, optional stats homework

  • Do we need a new theory of evolution?!LevelBeginnerContentSingle magazine article

  • Economist: Our Obsession With Growth Must End

    New York Times: Interview with Herman DalyDurationShort!LevelBeginnerContentSingle newspaper article, optional further reading

  • How to Look at & Understand Great Art Latchaw Hirsh, Ph.D. Professor, Rosemont CollegeRating4/5PriceFree via Kanopy at your library, $70 at The Great CoursesDuration18 hours, 36 videosLevelBeginnerContentvideo

  • Electric Utilities Fundamentals and Future

    Electric Utilities Fundamentals and FutureProfessorMelissa WoodRating4.7PriceFreeDuration11 hours; 5 weeksLevelBeginnerContentVideos

  • The Moral Foundations of Politics

    The Moral Foundations of PoliticsProfessorIan Shapiro, YaleRating5PriceFreeDuration24 50-minute videosLevelBeginnerContentVideo, supplemental reading

  • Turning Points in Modern History

    Turning Points in Modern HistoryProfessorVejas Gabriel Liulevicius Ph.D.Rating4/5PriceFree through public libraryDuration24 30-minute videosLevelBeginnerContentVideos, PDF