Online course sites

Coursera is one of our go-to sites for interesting, discussion-worthy, free online courses. There’s a good range of Arts & Humanities and other course categories that make for good conversation. Here’s the set of free courses. You can use the Filter on on the left to narrow the huge selection by category.

edX has tons of excellent technical and science courses, but you can also find a selection of Humanities courses. Check the Humanities list at the bottom of the page.

The Great Courses is an excellent resource for discussable topics. While you’d need to pay for most of their courses, your public library’s online resources might include Kanopy, which in turn includes some of The Great Courses free. Check your public library for other online courses too.

Even if your local library doesn’t subscribe to these services, you might find a regional library that you can join. For example I discovered that that any Massachusetts resident can easily join the Boston Public Library online!


Here are some tools we’ve used for communication, polling, and scheduling as a group.


Here are some papers somewhat related to the concept that we’re representing here, though here we’re representing the joy of a learning community as an end in itself, these writings tend to focus on the effectiveness of varieties of pedagogy centered on MOOCs.

MOOCs as disruptive technologies: Strategies for enhancing the learner experience and quality of MOOC

Introduction to Flipped Learning